NavGrah Shanti Puja

Navagraha Puja is one of the most prominent ritual/puja for the Hindus. Navagrahas, the nine celestial elements are considered quite influential for humans, in Hinduism. Especially, these effects are believed to be crucial for prosperity, good luck, success, and most importantly to avoid the misfortunes. It is said that the nine celestial bodies were born from the fury of Lord Shiva. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, Rahu, and Ketu, are the nine grahas or planets or as termed as the Navagrahas.

The Navagraha Effects:

All the above mentioned Navagrahas are said to be having distinct effects on the humans living on earth. In accordance with the zodiac symbols, the presence of these planets, and the time, the above mentioned grahas do have their own effect, either positive or negative.

The negative effects of these nine celestial bodies can be related to the shocking, unfortunate and unexpected events occurring in life. It can be related to those events when you come across with sudden accidents, diseases despite taking complete care, etc. Among others, one can also relate the incidents like unexpected turmoil in relationships, financial issues, not so impressive outcomes in exam/business despite complete effort, marital issues, etc.

Why Is It Observed?

These Navagrahas do have positive effects, like unprecedented gifts, promotions, lucky prizes, etc. as well. However, people don’t mark these as these go in their favour.

Anyway, the ill effects of the Navagrahas can be prevented or turned in to the good ones upon following the rituals recommended by the Navagraha pujas. However, most important point is to follow the rituals in a proper fashion.

Ingredients Needed For The Puja:

One must be arranging the needful, like NavagrahaYantra, ghee, turmeric, incense, sandalwood, coconut, lamps, and camphor.

Apart from this, during or at the Hawan, one needs the rice, sesame oil, fruits, sweets and betel nuts. It is here to mark that all these products hold extreme are extreme intoxicants and hence purify the air.

How Is It Performed?

It’s quite a simple ritual to be performed. Basically, it’s about chanting the Nine celestial bodies (Navagrahas) in their remembrance, offering them with the Prasad (fruits, sweets, etc.), and performing the Hawans.

Who Should Do It / What Are The Benefits?

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