Ganesh Sthapana

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most auspicious festivals among the Hindus. This is the birthday of Ganesha, the lord of knowledge, intelligence, success, and good- luck. Ganesh Chaturthi/Ganesh Puja falls on the ShuklaPakshyaChatrurthi in the Bhadraba month of the Hindu calendar. ShuklaPakshyachaturthi basically means the fourth day of the fortnight, and Bhadraba according to Indian/Hindu calendar basically refers to the mid-August/September in English calendar. The festival, in general, is observed for 10 days.

Ganesh Puja/Ganesh Chaturthi is the 10 day event observed between the Ganesh Sthapana and AnantChaturdashi. Ganesh Sthapana primarily refers to the installation of Ganesh idol at the festive stage, and AnantChaturdashi/Visarjan refers to the day on which the idols are immersed in rivers in a spiritually celebrative way.


In India, the Ganesh Chaturthi has been observed since Vedic days. Even the contemporary celebration ways have been celebrated since 1600s. Being specific, Shivaji the emperor of Maratha Empire is said to be the prime protagonist behind Ganesh Chaturthi being a grand festive occasion in Maharashtra. As Lord Ganesha was Shivaji’s family God (kuldevata), he used to pay full credit of his glory to Lord Ganesha.

Best Time for GanapatiSthapana and Ganapati Puja Muhurat:

Ganesh Sthapana or Ganapati Puja Mahurat is recommended to be observed during Madhyahna or mid-day as Lord Ganesha was born during this part of the day. For the best outcome of Ganesh Chaturthi Puja/observation, it is important that the Shodashopachara of the puja is observed absolutely according to rituals through an experienced pandit/ priest.

Why Is GaneshaSthapana Important To Be Observed?

As mentioned above, the prime purpose of Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is to gain prosperity, knowledge, etc. At the same time, it is a highly recommended puja as well for people to stay away from any sort of false claim. There are mythological mentions available in this regard as well. It is said that Lord Krishna was wrongly blamed for thieving of jewelleries, and he (Lord Krishna) observed one day fast and worshiped Lord Ganesha to stay away from the false accusations, as it is believed. For common men to avoid such incidents, Ganesh Puja is mostly recommended. It is also believed that one should not view the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi to avoid the false claims.

Chants Must Be For The Occasion:

The most important point is the flawless observation of the puja. One should chant the mantra, ‘’Namah Ganesh bighneshgirijanandanprabhu, mama bighnabinashayaganadhipatayenamah, OmmGaneshayanamah’’ with complete devotion for rishtakhandana or to stay away of all misfortunes).

The Literal Meaning of the Above Chant Is As Follows

Oh Lord Ganesha, the son of Parvati (Girija is other name of goddess Parvati, and nandana means son, hence Girijanandana), I pray you to save me from all misfortunes (mama means mine and bighna means the misfortunes, binashaya means to rubbish the misfortune, GanadhiPatayeNamah means greeting to lord Ganesha).

Well, one can simply chant OmmGaneshayaNamaha as well.

To Prevent The False Accusations:

The following mantra is also chanted on the eve of GaneshaChaturthi to stay away from the unfortunate scenarios like false accusation.

| SimhahPrasenamavadhitsimhoJambavataHatah।
|| SukumarakaMarodistavaHyeshaSyamantakah॥

Being a sacred occasion, iapanditji advised to all members of the family to bath early in the morning to purify the boy and observe the rituals. Apart from the exterior body purification, it is highly recommended for the mind to be purified as well. Hence, one should definitely stay away from the evil thoughts for the puja and chant the mantras properly. To make Ganesh Sthapana at your home, book a panditji from iapanditji.