About Us

Indians are extremely spiritual. The rituals here are not artificial/ groundless, and the traditions here are not designed just for the sake of enjoyment. For example, a marriage here is not just a matter of paper registrations or any vocal agreements that can be rubbished at any moment. Indians (Hindus) vouch about taking responsibilities with a divine custom. The rituals performed, those likes of hawans hold both social and natural significance.

  • The ingredients used (for hawans), those like the ghee (purified butter), scented woods, etc. are meant for purifying the office space with positive energy.
  • The mantras chanted highlight about the duties those must be observed seriously for a happy and healthy life in your own home.
  • Chanting the slokas in the particular fashion, while performing the hawans are meant for generating a unique vibration that brings the divine tranquillity in mind making it better realization of the purposes.

Well, it’s not just about the marriages or office of home pooja, in India (Hinduism) similar rituals are there for every action, like before initiation of a new venture, celebrating the birth days, or any festive pooja, etc. All these rituals hold their own promises to be made accord to the purpose.

Why iapanditji?

Impacts of these mantras are scientifically proven. However, it is important though for the rituals to be performed according to the Vedic ways to be called authentic. For the same, the concerned pandit (spiritual priest) needs to have thorough Vedic knowledge, something about which you can be very sure through iapanditji.

  • Priests here hold a great reputation for their knowledge, sincerity, and proven track records.
  • Understanding the desperation of contemporary humans, the online booking facility introduced has made it even more promising.
  • It’s a one stop solution for all spiritual rituals, starting from marriages, thread ceremony, pujas for initiating a business, etc.

Finally, it’s a process of celebrating the materialistic prosperity being achieved with spiritual bliss along perfectly accompanies of technology.